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Who We Are

A kitchen of chefs constantly sharpening their skills.

Our Commitment

We are an equal opportunity workplace committed to building a team culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

The Secret Ingredients

The two things that make us special are our hiring philosophy and our approach to collaboration. But those two principles don’t make us great, just special. But they do make us better at what we do, which is plan and buy media.

You have to be two things to work at The Media Kitchen, great and nice. It’s that simple. We also believe that big ideas only become truly gigantic through collaboration.

"Whenever I interview someone and they ask me why they should want to work at TMK, I always have the same answer: we foster growth. If you work hard, show that you’re curious and ask for challenges, you’ll be opened up to tons of opportunity. And more importantly, you’ll do so while having fun and being surrounded by fascinating & smart people! What else could you be looking for?"

– Monique Lemus-O'Brien, Group Director

Our Recipe For Cultural Success

A pinch of fun, an ounce of employee engagement and a pound of core values is our recipe for great culture

Our Values

We love cooking up media to reach and inspire consumers so our clients win. We are entrepreneurial, we are driven, we are curious, we are quirky, we are kind, we share, we are fun and we are humble.