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It all boils down to innovation.

Dedicated to Ad-Tech

The Media Kitchen works very closely with our agency’s corporate venture capital arm, MDC Ventures, which invests in early-stage B2B technologies transforming Madison Avenue. Our close relationship with startups gives us an early view into the future of marketing and advertising technology, allowing them to be both highly creative and extremely solution-oriented.

"“Through our relationship with MDC Ventures, TMK has access to hundreds of startups which has proven to be immediately beneficial to the agency and the Modern CMO. It provides a look into the future of marketing, a filter to differentiate the truly significant technologies from the bright shiny objects, and a platform for executing amazingly innovative media campaigns.”"

Jessica Peltz

The Fellows Program

When we noticed a curiosity and desire among the rest of the agency to understand the ever-changing world of start-ups, the Fellows program was born. We collected perspectives from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists and baked them into Creative Entrepreneurship – a book we use as a teaching aid and inspirational guide for the program.

Best part? It's on the house?

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