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Syfy Channel

Photo Tricks



Sci Fi Channel needed to reverse negative perceptions of its brand, attract new viewers and achieve a rating of 4.0HH (up from a 0.7 average). They hoped a 10-night mega-series produced by Steven Spielberg would do the trick.


The media program would have to be about much more than Sci Fi. We needed to tap into America’s fascination with UFOs. Our qualitative research told us that 95% of people agreed that we could not be alone in this universe. The program’s success hinged on our ability to play off this human truth.


We coordinated a guerrilla media program with the largest film developers by inserting a stray photo into millions of people’s developed film. The picture on the mysterious photograph was off center and out of focus, but looked as if there was a UFO in the background sky. The consumer didn’t know where the photo came from or what it was until the picture was turned over to reveal a logo and airdate for "TAKEN."


  • Sci Fi’s ratings increased 426%, securing its spot as the #1-rated basic cable network in primetime. Sci Fi made television history!

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