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Janice Dickinson

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Janice Dickenson


Launch the new Janice Dickinson show to viewers and the NY-based media industry.


Janice Dickinson was opening her modeling agency in Los Angeles and there were no plans to open a NY branch, which would have been a great way to showcase the program to the NY media community.


We rented a vacant store in SoHo and "opened" her NYC office. The agency door had a mail slot to drop off headshots, a doorbell with "Janice Rants" and a phone number that, when called, provided a tune-in message. To draw lots of attention to the store, "model" street teams handed out business cards in SoHo with the store’s address and phone number (the phone number’s outgoing message recording gave tune-in info).


  • "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" became Oxygen Network’s highest rated series premier to date. A record-breaking +144% in Households and +239% with Women 18-49, compared to previous time periods.

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