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Google Partners Case Study



Build brand awareness and increase sales of noosa yoghurt as they expand distribution footprint nationally, positioning noosa as no ordinary yoghurt to both current and new consumers.


Noosa fans are extremely vocal about their love for noosa and how they feel when they taste it. To showcase that noosa loves their fans back, we need to find the right environment to pay homage to fan stories.


Bring fan stories to life, both in the creative itself and by showing viewers videos in a specific sequence on Youtube. To understand the impact of storytelling on ad recall and purchase intent, target videos in two distinct sequences that feature fans telling their stories of what #noosatasteslike.


  • +115% in purchase intent from 2-video series (:15s followed by :06s) +175% in purchase intent from 3-video series (:30s followed by :15s and :06s) Over +450% in ad recall across both video series